Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Villages Florida, What's It All About?

People are always asking what the Villages lifestyle is all about, new people on their lifesyle visit often seem to try to deny that everything seems great.  For the most part it is.  I like to compare it to back in the college days, living on a huge campus but having more money and not having to go to class.

When I first moved here I felt so relaxed, I felt like I was drugged (in a good way-lol). I'm really not accustomed to hearing the "N Word"- The N Word being "NO"-lol. The Villages marketing department is unbelievable-you want, you're willing to pay for it, you got it.

Somebody should do a socio/psychological study. You have 100,000+ people from all areas and different life paths getting along and enjoying life. We're like kids again.

Visualize retirement on steroids-you got it.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Dr. Palmer vs Cecil the Lion vs Planned Parenthood

How does the dentist killing Cecil the lion get compared to planned parenthood allegedly selling body parts? I don't know, but it's right there on TOB. Rumor has it the Morse family is into hunting, I'm not sure about that-I know they have some dead animals hanging on the walls. IMO, if these people want to hunt they should start a hunting club and address the rat problem. Hang the little suckers by the gates as a warning to all vermin. Getting back to Dr. Palmer, I hear he's on the lam, I heard on the news THEY are looking for him. How does it feel? How does it feel to have an extradition order hanging over your head? Do you realize that you too have a tracker on you? Buh-Bye Dr. Palmer, you are so done.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When Did Having Money Become a Bad Thing?

Is this a regional thing or what? Back when Gary Morse was still alive The Villagers were constantly speculating and commenting on his lifestyle.  What is with this? Why did these people think they were entitled to comment on his boat, his house and his political connections?

Now we're seeing the same attitude displayed toward Donald Trump-when did being a self-made billionaire become a bad thing.

Like it or not, he's coming to a village near you-lol. I'm just hoping he'll copycat the Morse concept and build another villages on the water. (The real water, not a retention pond.)  In this clone of the villages I would like some sort of marketing program that doesn't appeal to stupid people.

IMO, that is the only problem with the villages and TOB-too many stupid people and an overabundance of religous fanatics.

What is going on with the Morse kids? Can they sustain the pace their father started?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

When is Donald Trump Visiting The Villages?

We all know that Donald Trump will  be visiting the Villages in Florida, all the Republicans pass through.  Hell, Sarah Palin even showed up a few times (YAWN).

I'm loving the Trump for President campaign. I've always found Donald Trump pretty amazing in a New York way.  Now everyday I tune is to what  he had to say that day. I've got news for you all kiddies, the man is speaking the truth.

I just loved it when he gave out Grahams phone, he fights like I do. Is this a New York thing or what?

Today THE DONALD is scheduled to go to the Texas border.  This man is all over the place.

So Donald (reading this?), when can we expect to see you? Can you bring some good bagels and pizza? Can you build us a casino?

Next... where is Christie?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

BORING! You all have become boring.

Back in the day The Villages was more fun, what happened? There's a message board of Villagers, used to be fun-not so much anymore. (To protect the truly boring and maybe stupid I will simply call this message board TOB-the other board.)

This board, TOB, should be renamed the whine line. IMO it is overmoderated, capriciously censored and inspidly repetitive.  How much bandwith can you all waste discussing dogs running loose, peeing and being shorted pickles on your burger.

TOB has recently added a political forum. In this forum posters are all called Guest. I think the Guest title is great, it keeps idiots from revealing their true identity. I still know who they are.

II think the alleged passing of Mr. Midnight has numbed everyone's funny bone, so in an effort to regain a sense of fun I will be sponsoring a yearly Mr.or Ms. Midnight pageant. We tried having auditions last year but our candidate got arrested. We ask that each village have their own semi-finals and the grand final will be held in the fall during a campaign stop for wannabe Presidents. One of the qualifications is that you must stay up till at least 12:01.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why Move To The Villages

Most of my old friends don't "get it". They couldn't understand what would motivate me to sell my home, dispose of most of my things and move 1200 miles away. I tried to explain the concept, the newness, the good weather....

Once they visit they "get it". As one of my guests said when they visited last Spring "It's like you live in Disneyland". Last week she changed her opinion and decided it was more like Universal's theme park.

The closest I can explain is that it's like "A Happening". You know, one of those 60's-70's things that I didn't have the courage to indulge in. I was a Young Republican, we didn't protest the war. We weren't hippies, we went to class, we got jobs, opened IRA's.

I love the ads on TV "Remember the generation that said they would never get old..." I am part of that generation and I don't feel old. I still register shock when I look in the mirror.

Call this place what you will, geriatric Disney (or Universal), America's Friendliest Hometown" or call it A Happening. At times it feels like college with your own house and no "dorm mother". Put whatever label you want, it's just a really cool place.

Will my generation ever grow up?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Andrew Blechman Speaks Again....and Again....and Again

I recently tripped across another blog where Mr. Blechman, author of the book Leisureville is again commenting on the concept of age segration in housing and specifically The Villages. Here are the comments he made regarding the recent visit of Sarah Palin.....

"Massive Turnout for Make-Believe Candidate in Make-Believe Village
No real surprise here. The Villages is a must-visit Republican bastion of veteran-voters on the Republican Whistle-stop Tour each year. The developer, Gary Morse, also happens to be one of the biggest donors to the Republican Party in the nation (lower case t and n, no s.) I don't find it particularly surprising that in The Villages' land of make-believe candidate Sarah Palin would be a popular draw. Here's an account of the event, as presented by The Villages' developer-owned daily newspaper, a.k.a. Pravda : "

I can't believe the audacity of this man, is he crazy or what? Make believe candidate? HUH?Make believe village? HUH?

This character spent a few weeks here several years ago, didn't like the place and has been taking jabs ever since. I was shocked to see he is still at it.

I'm thinking that this guy could use a good shrink. I checked out his bio and it is very vague...he has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia. He apparently resides in New England with his wife and children and also lives in Germany. No mention of his family background.

What does his anger stem from? As an amateur shrink I have my my uneducated opinion he might be suffering from some sort of seperation anxiety from his parents. What did they do leave him in New England and take off for The Villages to squander his potential inheritance on an endless game of Bunco and long nights till 10pm at Katie Belle's. Maybe he was weaned at too early an age, maybe raised in a single or no-parent home. I don't know. What I do know is that this guy is now appearing to be a one trick pony who needs to move on.

What is with this guy?